Gabby RecordFaculty Instructor

    Hello Everyone! My name is Gabby Record and I am from Southampton, MA. My journey into dance began about two decades ago. I danced competitively in styles such as tap, jazz, contemporary, and musical theater for the first fifteen years of my life. Upon entering high school, I discovered my love for choreography and began creating dances for the Williston Northampton Dance Ensemble. In my time at Williston, I was able to produce over 20 full production dance pieces, as well as captain the dance team during my senior year. I was lucky enough to teach at Ascendance as well throughout high school, and in the summer while home from college. I recently graduated from Berklee College of Music where I received my Bachelor’s of Music concentrated in Musical Theater Writing and entrepreneurship. While I was studying at Berklee, I continued tap dancing at the Boston Conservatory, and choreographing professional and student run musical theater works. I also wrote three of my own original musicals, which are in the process of being produced full scale! I am so excited to be teaching again every week at Ascendance for the first time since my senior year of high school. I cannot wait to bring the knowledge I have learned from Berklee and the Boston Conservatory into my classes this year in my tap, jazz, and contemporary classes. Although dancing over Zoom may seem daunting, I happen to have become quite accustomed to it in the last few months, and I believe that we are going to have just as much fun online as we would In the classroom! Thank you so much for coming to dance with me again everyone!

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