Children’s Dance Programs

Your child is a born dancer

Children are naturally creative movers. It’s our job to foster that instinct. Make way for their imagination and just watch what your child can do.

Children’s Course Offerings

Our classes meet weekly throughout a semester. Level 1 classes (designed for children ages 4-6) meet for 45-minutes and Level 2 classes (designed for children ages 7-9) meet for 60 minutes. Toward the end of the semester, families are invited to our in-studio “Watch Me Rise” observation days, when children are guided in showing their work over the semester during their regular class time.

Level One Classes

Our Level 1 classes help children get acquainted with their physical capacities and connect it to their already present and active imaginations. The joy of being in their bodies and learning to explore ideas is revealed when they lose themselves in imaginative play. Pre-ballet foundational vocabulary is introduced and reinforced throughout.

Classes offered: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop

Level Two Classes

In Level 2 classes, children are introduced to movement patterns and dynamics. The percussive qualities of hip hop and tap continue to be developed, creating a wider range of movement possibilities. This increases a child’s sense of self as a strong dancer with stylistic versatility. Individuality and personal flare are balanced with technical skill development.

Classes offered: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz/Hip Hop, Contemporary, Rhythm Stomp, Acro

Imaginations 1

For our youngest dancers, Imaginations classes are focused on introducing children to dance, providing space and time to explore movement creatively while also learning the basic vocabulary of beginning ballet technique.

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