Adult Dance Programs

We don’t stop dancing because we grow old...

...we grow old because we stop dancing

The child in all of us that was born to dance has not forgotten the feeling of pure delight and freedom that comes when we surrender to it. Find our adult dance classes below and see what jumps out to the dancer in you.

Salsa Night & Social Dance 3/8: See Community Programs Page For More.

Spring 2024 Adult Dance Classes: Come Move with Us!

Beginner/Intermediate Tap with Loryn Engelbrecht, Monday 6:15-7:15PM

AfroCaribbean Fusion with Tiffany Joseph, Monday 7:15-8:15PM

Int/Adv Adult Tap with David Bovat, Tuesday, 7:15-8:15PM

Adult Contemporary with Jen Peterson, Wednesday, 7:15-8:15PM

***NEW*** Adult Jazz with Laurel Anne Boyd, Thursday 6:45-7:45PM

Adult Hip Hop with Jeremy ``JROCK`` Wheat, Thursday, 7:30-8:30PM

Adult Class Offerings

Come home to yourself in a community of supportive teachers and kindred adult spirits! We offer evening classes for adults in a variety of dance styles. Our class schedule is updated regularly and works on a drop-in basis. Most classes are $12 – you can pay as you go, or pick up a handy AIWA Adult Class Card (a $60 value for $50) from our office. Class cards never expire, can be used for all of our Adult Class offerings, and are easily reloadable!


As dancers, we know we can become the dance – but with Tap, the study of rhythm also allows us to become the music. In this class, students will be introduced to tap technique and vocabulary and then be invited to play with rhythm, syncopation, accent, compound steps, and polyrhythms. Each class will introduce vocabulary as well as combination skills where students will be able to develop a sense of rhythms and patterns. Class consists of a warm-up, mini combinations either in a stationary or traveling time step, and finish with a creative dance piece.

AfroCaribbean Fusion

AfroCaribbean dance is an African-rooted style of dance woven with the multicultural influences of traditional Caribbean dance. This style is generally fast-paced, high energy, free spirited, and uses the whole body.

Students will start with a rhythmic warmup, set to different styles of African drumming and Caribbean music. The class transitions to movement practice. This consists of travel patterns and center practice that is selected to prepare students for the main choreography which is taught and rehearsed for the second portion of the class.

Each class introduces new movements but begins fresh from the warm-up so that returning students and first-timers alike can learn and have a blast!

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