An Inspiring Space

Our studios are a newly renovated space, representing one of the finest performance spaces in Western Mass. We have not only incorporated elements critical for professional and safe movement and performance, we have endeavored to create an atmosphere that is inviting, safe, and inspiring.

Welcome To Our Space

Performance spaces aren’t easy to find.

What makes the Ascendance Studios the best in Northampton? We offer two separate sound insulated studios of 1000 uninterrupted square feet each. Both have full length, 8-foot mirrors, and multiple entrances. The dividing wall folds back to open the room making the entire 2000 sq ft available.

A Great Space Can Make All The Difference.

Our sprung sub-floors ensure dynamic, focused sound while maintaining safety for dancers’ joints. The locally sourced maple hardwood flooring throughout offers strength and durability with more give than other hardwoods. Rosco marley dance flooring is affixed over the hardwood in the Blue Studio for classes that involve more floor work.

Both studios are outfitted with state of the art sound systems. The Blue Studio features a ceiling mounted video projection system for film study for special classes. Keep an eye out for Kids’ Movie Nights! And: no more banging your knees on the ballet barres! Our wall-mounted aluminum barres are adjustable from 34” to 44” above the floor to accommodate dancers of all sizes.

A Place For Transformations.

Come the end of a season, our studio transforms into an informal performance venue for our families. Theatrical curtains and audience seating bring the performance experience to the space.

We offer spacious bathrooms and changing areas, homework nooks to catch up on school work between classes, and a dance library accessible to the community. Families can wait for the end of classes comfortably on our many furnishings, enjoy a drink from our cooler, a mug of chai from our tea station, or catch up on to-do lists and email using our complimentary wifi.

Come Enjoy Our Space

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