We Are Meant To Move and Be Moved

About Ascendance Inner World Arts

Ascendance is a studio where the individual expressive voice can be explored, where the art of dance is practiced and trained, and where we celebrate the confluence of individuality and community.

Ascendance Inner World Arts

is a place where the vision is simple:

“Know yourself, so you can be yourself.”

Through the study of dance, music, rhythm, voice, and poetry, we learn to access the rich landscape of creativity and expression within. We do this in the spirit of self-appreciation and acceptance, which strengthens our respect for ourselves and others.

We practice the 3 C’s:



and Collaboration

We understand the world needs our confidence and courageous individuality. When our voices resonate with our heart-centered messages, we live in our full authenticity. Our truths matter, for they will change the world.

Our Unique Approach

Dance can be transcendent.

Finding a dance studio that feels like home to your child can be challenging. We invite you to start exactly where you are, exactly as you are.

Dancers rehearse to teach their body steps, to discover the building blocks of artistry, and to train strong muscles and minds. Repetition becomes a habit. Healthy habits can can lead us on paths of well-being for years to come.

We celebrate the development that comes from the process of dance making. We strive to create a space where all can share in the journey with us.

Experience a new way of moving.

We teach excellent classical technique, and we expect and foster discipline. But we strive to do so without sacrificing the artistic and emotional heart of the dancer. We teach our students to look for their individual moments of brilliance and triumph. We draw attention to their personal strengths, challenges they overcome, and skills they attain. We make space for your child, and celebrate their unique and brilliant light in our classes.

Dance is fundamentally not a study of error, but an expression of a truth. In the words of Martha Graham, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul, of the body.” We ask our students – and seek to help them answer the question – “What does your soul have to say?”

There's No Limit to What Dance Can Do.

For the youngest student, this may be a simple, pure emotion – joy, compassion, or loneliness. For our older students, we encourage them to explore the full expressive range of dance and movement. Through dance, we can tell complex stories, weave layered emotions together, celebrate or mourn with palpable exuberance.

Further, we believe such an expression lifts us, simultaneously distinguishing us and connecting us to others. Developing this voice is not inherent to our everyday culture or education. Ascendance is a place where individual voice can be explored; where expression is practiced and honed and celebrated with others.

Are You Ready To Express Yourself?

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