Meridian Performance Company

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What is Meridian?

“A high point.”

“A great circle of the celestial sphere passing through its poles and the zenith of a given place.”

“Any of the pathways along which the body’s vital energy flows.”

Students participating in the Meridian Performance company are welcomed into the fullest experience of being a practicing and performing dance artist. The company embodies and demonstrates the spirit of our commitment to the Three C’s: Community, Collaboration, and Connection. These principles guide our work together.

The Meridian Package includes:

  • TWO Company rehearsals per week
  • TWO Technique classes per week
  • TWO Distinct ensemble groups for emerging dancers

For 10 months, September through June

For serious dancers ages 12 to 18 there is no better value in the Pioneer Valley

  • Exclusive Master Classes
  • Collaborative Processes with excellent local choreographers, creating FOUR new original works each year
  • Annual appearances at First Night Northampton, Elms College, and other local venues and events

We Focus on Process

Required Technique Classes

All Meridian dancers are required to attend and participate in 2 technique classes per week at Ascendance. One of these classes must be a ballet class (either the Beg/Int Ballet 4/5, Intermediate Ballet Level 4/5, or Advanced Ballet 4/5 – placement by instructor permission.)

Company Class and Rehearsal

All Meridian dancers are required to attend and participate in company rehearsal. These rehearsals are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Performances and Outreach

All Meridian dancers must attend and participate in our performances. These may be informal showings and performances at the Ascendance studios or larger performances at theaters, or community outreach performances in outdoor or indoor site specific areas, such as in community centers, schools, festivals, or holiday celebrations such as First Night Northampton.

Guest Artists and Master Teachers

Meridian dancers will have the opportunity to learn from and work with Guest Artists and Choreographers in the Pioneer Valley and beyond. These artists will work collaboratively with the dancers to set new, original pieces to be performed in our annual and community outreach performances. Master Classes with Guest Teachers are also available to students for extra fees.

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